Disc replacement surgery, spinal fusion surgery, or non-invasive chiropractic care?

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If you damaged a disc in your back or neck and were wondering about the options available to resolve the issue, for those whose condition quality, you may have a specialist conversation that can include the options of spinal fusion or disc replacement.

Replacement discs are relative newcomers to the spinal surgery space, and while Elon Musk has bragged on social media about his wonderful experience, it is still surgery. For those suggesting the surgery, it is typically an upsell of performing a fusion which limits motion.

Proponents of disc replacement suggest recovery is faster although the science behind either fusion which limits mobility or disc replacement which can maintain mobility is rather limited.

Downsides of fusions are that the science suggests movement improves how we feel, lack of mobility often is associated with pain and often, when one segment of the spine is done, others will degenerate due to increased forces on the area.

Complications are not uncommon, and can include disclocation of the artificial disk, fracture (break) of the artificial disk, and infection. Also, this ix major surgery requiring being under anesthesia for a prolonged period of time.

Considering back problems are not exclusive to the lower back and may include the ankles, feet, posture and possibly and injury past or present, chiropractic care enhances movement of the area which according to the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2017 have studies showing that many of the commonly used procedures that chiropractors use regularly reduce pain in the lower back.

Why consider chiropractic care first before considering invasive surgical solutions?

Chiropractors will look at you holistically to determine where your lower back pain is coming from vs. the obsession with the back being the cause medically. While the science supports chiropractic approaches to care, the benefits are it is drug free, non invasive and will often solve the mechanism of pain which can ultimately prevent future problems from happening. For example, problems in the feet, legs or gait can result in poor core function, back pain and eventually neck and shoulder pain as well as problems in the feet or arms. Being holistic in how they think and act often solves multiple problems at once.

Chiropractic is clearly the lower risk alternative to any type of back surgery although there are times a surgical approach is required and the doctor will refer you to the appropriate specialist. This is not true in the medical system so you should see a chiropractor first and begin your lower back relief journey there to avoid unnecessary tests or procedures.

Need help now? Request an appointment today and see what we can do to help you get out of pain naturally.