Disease management; Are doctors creating dependencies that last a lifetime?

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doctor prescription Disease management; Are doctors creating dependencies that last a lifetime? If you have ever been diagnosed with a disease, your experience has likely been going from doctor to doctor, and from drug to drug, without a real cure. To make matters worse, you have likely had to tolerate some side effects that also led to other drugs with other side effects, as your doctor tries to manage a process they likely do not fully understand or have good answers to. Some of the drugs, with their outlandish prices may help you improve your quality of life, but they rarely cure, and often the intent is to treat the symptom of the disease, rather than cure it. Diseases are usually a series of symptoms that are merely misunderstood because your doctor really does not understand what your bodies malfunction really means. Unfortunately, because of the dangerous nature of most pharmaceuticals, you find yourself becoming dependent on your doctor in a way that is unnatural, unhealthy and in some ways, dangerous. In our office, we try our best to resolve by first understanding the conditions our patients are suffering from, and the goal is to work ourselves out of a job by resolving the problem. Unfortunately, in medicine, the management of a disease which is usually just a collection of symptoms that had been described by a researcher or doctor. The Merck manual is filled with diseases with the names of the people who discovered them. The truth about the word disease is that it merely means, you do not feel good. The truth is the word disease has been overused and usually does not end in a cure, but with a drug or drugs and more medical monitoring. Perhaps, this is the current driver of costs and why the system has not been able to get better outcomes; the current model can be dangerous to your health and your wallet. One doctor has a great blog post on the schedule. Check it out here THE SYSTEM DOCTORS USE FOR TREATING PATIENTS SUFFERING FROM CHRONIC DISEASE DISEMPOWERS THOSE PATIENTS AND CREATES A CULTURE OF DEPENDENCY Nov 1, 2015 The system that has evolved in the medical profession for treating patients suffering from lifestyle induced chronic diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes, is not designed to create health for those patients. Medical doctors are trained to diagnose and then treat symptoms with drugs...nothing more. And because so many of the drugs that are prescribed have debilitating and sometimes life threatening side effects associated with long-term use, not only does that system disempower people but, in many cases actually removes health for a patient. This system, then, creates a culture of dependency - a culture where patients are now dependent, not on themselves, but on their doctors, on the pills, on the surgeries, on the procedures, on the tests... In fact, many people, with great pride, talk about their bypass surgery they just had. or the large number of pills they are taking for a host of diseases. If the only choice medical doctors offer their patients is medication, surgery and procedures, then it is imperative that a new system be created - a system that creates health. The clinically proven nutrition and lifestyle programs that rapidly normalize blood sugar and blood insulin levels exist and have been helping patients reduce and eliminate chronic disease medications for years now. Instead of prescribing drugs, doctors can now provide an even greater service to their patients by actually reversing and even preventing an unfavorable outcome in connection with chronic diseases. So...QUESTION: Why don't the doctors that truly care about the health of their patients embrace that new system? read more