Do you want to be in better control of your healthcare? Read Cheating Mother Nature.

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Book Description

August 25, 2011
Start feeling better. More than one and a half billion people suffering from chronic pain don't have to. Chronic pain affects more people than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined and most doctors still don't understand the cause. Finally, here is a book that identifies the causes of chronic pain and explains how to prevent and treat it in a way anyone can understand. When you are finished reading, you will have the knowledge and tools to successfully have a discussion with your doctor. This is not about pain management. It is about resolving and preventing chronic pain. You'll learn the popular myth and startling truth about fibromyalgia, why carpal tunnel syndrome is a misdiagnosis for most people, the real problem and the cure, sixty-eight joint healthy foods, and nine simple at-home joint-saving exercises complete with diagrams. Author BIO Dr. Charschan lives and practices in central New Jersey. He has treated thousands of patients of all ages, including professional celebrity athletes. He is the medical director of USA Track and Field New Jersey, maintains a popular blog addressing health care issues, and plays a mean guitar for his New Jersey band, "Midlife Crisis." Click here to get the book