Doctor for New Brunswick Football team

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Some of you have heard about my experience last week. If not, let me tell you what happened.

I have been teaching the local High School Athletic Trainers (Atc's) about how they can perform myofascial release and advanced diagnostics of the body, body styles and how foot problems cause many of the issues they see daily.

The trainer of New Brunswick had their best wide receiver out on an injury and had a game in three days that would determine either the end of their season or weather they make it to the championship game. I was asked the following day to look at the injured player, worked on him in the school and he felt improved. The following two days, he was seen in our office and on Saturday, I was told he was running really fast and led his team to victory.

The ATC asked me if I would like to be the on the field doctor for the school for the championship game to be played at Rutgers stadium against Livingston High. I had my portable table on the field, had an on the field pass, was in the locker room with the team and for all intensive purposes, was a member of the team's staff. I even go to attend the halftime locker room pep talk, seen in many movies.

I must tell you this was fun (alittle cold though) and I had the best seats in the house (by the sideline of the field). I was rewarded when the player I helped caught the winning pass and New Brunswick won the game. I saw him proudly dance around the field showing off their schools trophy.

This was one of those times being a doctor was a blast. As many of you know, I regularly donate my time to athletic events. This past year I was fortunate enough to be invited to help at the Pro Bowlers Tour (I worked on a number of bowlers, I later found out are top professionals on the tour), many Track and field events and even a Grapplers Tournament. This football game was the most fun I had at an event all year.