Doctor; you changed my life. A Panera Bread story.

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As a chiropractic physicians, we are used to patients coming in distressed about their painful conditions.  We are also very aware that we may never see this patient for months or years later.  Sometimes, I wonder how they did when they stopped coming in well before they were formally discharged from care. Over the years, I have run into people who said to me how I helped their problem years ago and they were grateful for it. Today, a patient who I worked with for a while came over to my table and gave me a Paul McCartney moment by telling me how what we did for her changed her life.  She wanted to express her gratitude for the work we did the previous year that relieved years of suffering. My response was; wow, you really made my day. All too often, people appreciate what we do for them but rarely take the time to formally thank us.  While I know that most of us are very busy and for various reasons, have not returned to our offices, I am confident we do our best to help everyone.  It's what I signed up for years ago when I decided to leave engineering and become a sports-certified chiropractor. Sure, the insurance is crazy, most doctors these days are now working for large systems making it difficult to get an appointment but still healthcare is a people business and we are here to serve people. We do this by going the extra mile, doing what is necessary to help someone by making ourselves available even on weekends, and getting them into our offices as quickly as possible. People like yourself have made it possible for us to be entering our 37th year in practice. We appreciate your confidence in our offices and our online reviews reflect it. If we have helped you, the best way to show your gratitude is to refer others in need or leave a review either on our Facebook site or on Google or another review site.    This helps others find us so we can help others. Leaving a review takes less than a couple of minutes which will help others find us easier on the internet.  Word of mouth works well too.  Use the following Google links below to leave a review

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