Donna Lebowitz

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Donna Lebowitz About three years ago I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by an orthopedist. He put my wrist in a night cast and a wrist support during the day. He told me if this did not help I would need surgery. As time passed not only did my right wrist get worse, my left wrist started to hurt also. My livelihood consists of typing on the computer, and I needed pain free wrists. I stalled long enough and did not want surgery. When I heard of Dr. Charschan and his technique with Active Release I was skeptical because I had been to chiropractors before and did not have satisfactory results. Before surgery I decided to try this technique. Much to my surprise this method worked. Today both wrists are pain free, can type all day without any discomfort. Now that my wrists are pain free, I decided to continue to visit Dr. Charschan for helping my neck and back with this same technique. Thank you Dr. Charschan, Donna Lebowitz