Dr. C’s easy way to get rid of most sinus infections without antibiotics using three easy steps.

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Sinus infections can be painful and cause hours of pain and nights of lost sleep.  They can also be quite damaging if they go on too long without the proper treatment. Years ago, I had one when I got back from a month-long trip to Europe.  I never had a sinus infection before and it felt like men in cleats were running around in my forehead.  My family ear, nose, and throat doctor looked at me and diagnosed a sinus infection. He recommended that I use something to open the sinuses such as neo synephrine which was a sinus spray that decreased inflammation as well as the Ocean, a saline spray that helped wash out the harmful bacteria. Within a few days, the infection cleared as the sinuses opened up without using antibiotics. Today, we understand that antibiotics are often used too often, causing many bacteria to become resistant. Over the years, based on what this doctor did for me, I developed a protocol that works based on this doctor's method that does not require antibiotics in most cases but works better than when a doctor uses antibiotics alone to treat sinus infections. I made one important modification to his protocol which works for most of our patients and is a great safe home-based remedy.

Three easy steps to eliminate most sinus infections naturally.

1. Purchase Tiger Balm analgesic balm, red.   Boil a cup of water in the microwave.  Take a 1/3 tsp. of tiger balm and place it in the hot water.  Close your eyes and breathe in the fumes into the sinuses.  In most cases, after a few tries, the sinuses will relax and open.  Important note, do not over boil.  I would recommend 1 min and 30 seconds and then check the water.  Two min max but this can vary with the power of the microwave you are using. Image result for neosynephrine 2. Once the sinuses are open, use Neo-Synephrine or another brand of sinus spray and use it to keep the sinuses open. Then rinse the sinuses with ocean or another nasal saline spray to wash away the bad bacteria.Image result for ocean nasal spray 3. After 24 hours of keeping the sinuses open and draining, most infections will go away.  This is because the bacteria that cause these infections do not tolerate oxygen.  Add oxygen, and the bacteria die.