Drumming your way to fitness, a new idea in staying fit. The NY Times reports.

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Drumming your way to fitness, a new idea in staying fit. The NY Times reports. As a musician, you can get somewhat of a workout playing your instrument, however, the person on drums is doing the most physical work. The repetitiveness of the arm movement and the way you use your body parts while keeping rhythm adds up to a good workout. Apparently, someone in the exercise world has noticed this is also a good basis for an exercise class. Check this out.  
Published: September 7, 2012
  CRISTINA PEERENBOOM wasn't looking to pound away pounds. All she wanted in the summer of 2010 was to escape some romantic drama by disappearing into her drum playing. But the petite Ms. Peerenboom had broken her drum stool standing on it to reach a book, so she spent an hour squatting as she practiced her favorite Rage Against the Machine songs. The next morning Ms. Peerenboom — a Los Angeles personal trainer who is so hyperactive she has a computer power button symbol tattooed on her inner left wrist ("it's a pressure point," she noted) — had such aching abs and legs she could barely stand up from a friend's sofa, her temporary home (see "romantic drama"). "I realized moving around the kit while squatting was pretty much like Pilates but on your feet," said Ms. Peerenboom, now 26. Her hostess, Kirsten Potenza, now 27, a fellow drummer and former college rower, was intrigued. (The pair met, fittingly, while taking turns on the Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum's kit at a party in the Hollywood Hills.) read more