Easy relief for diarrhea or that stomach bug

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Easy relief for diarrhea or that stomach bug Most of us have at one time or another had a stomach bug. Sometimes it can come from the food we eat, from not washing our hands properly when preparing food or perhaps, part of a virus that seems to be going around. E. Coli poisoning is a common reason for a stomach bug that will create misery, however, if you handle it properly, it will pass within several days in most cases. Most people endure the stomach cramps, the diarrhea, and hope for the best. While it is important to drink plenty of fluids, those watery stools are making you lose salt and other electrolytes which can cause dehydration even though you are taking in enough water. The reason electrolytes are important is that the salts help pull fluid into the body. When we lose electrolytes, we may no longer hold that water in and it leaves in large amounts, mostly in those watery stools. If we do not replace those electrolytes, we can get very ill, very quickly with horrible cramps in the gut and in the worst situations, the need to visit the emergency room. The good news is that there are easy ways to restore electrolytes in your body that are not high tech, do not require any special medications and will make most of us feel better rather quickly. Gatorade is one solution that has electrolytes, and can help you get back to speed quickly. For most people, two 20 oz bottles will stop the cramps and the diarhea and get you feeling better fast. Another solution for those familiar with small children having these problems is pedialyte. Pedialyte is a salt electrolyte solution however, it tastes awful. You can also take a salt tablet with water which is helpful as well. Keep a few bottles of Gatorade around the house for that eventual stomach bug. You will be glad you did. Most people will be surprised at how well this works as well as how fast. What do you think? As always, I value your opinion.