Exercise and your brain health according to the NY Times

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step aerobics Exercise and your brain health according to the NY Times Staying physically fit has many benefits including more energy, a reduction of stress and for many, it also keeps them mentally sharp as well. According to the NY Times, a new study suggests that exercise keeps us mentally young. Check it out here Does Exercise Help Keep Our Brains Young? By Gretchen Reynolds December 9, 2015 Physical fitness may be critical for maintaining a relatively youthful and nimble brain as we age, according to a new study of brain activation patterns in older people. For most of us, our bodies begin to lose flexibility and efficiency as we enter our 40s. Running and other movements slow down and become more awkward, and something similar seems to occur within our heads. As middle age encroaches, our thinking becomes less efficient. We don"™t toggle between mental tasks as nimbly as we once did or process new information with the same aplomb and clarity. Recently, neuroscientists have begun to quantify how those cognitive changes play out in our brains, to disquieting effect. In studies comparing brain activation in young people with that of people past 40, they have found notable differences, especially during mental tasks that require attention, problem solving, decision-making and other types of high-level thinking. Read more