Expert advice on when to replace your running shoes.

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Running shoes must fit properly and be the right type for your foot and body style.  For most of us, finding the right shoe is a matter of trial and error. When should your shoes be replaced?  Experts from Shape magazine offer some good advice on when they should be replaced. Runners who are training and put on hundreds of miles often do best when they have two shoes to alternate with.  Sometimes two different shoes can help you avoid injury. Other times, recognizing when your shoes are no longer supportive and holding your foot like they did when they were new is an important skill.  Check out this article from Shape Here's Exactly When You Should Replace Your Running Shoes, According to Experts

Worn-out shoes often equal injury. Find out when to replace those shoes to stay at your most optimal.

By Shelby Deering Published on July 7, 2023 If you've ever experienced the "runner's high" you're no stranger to the feeling of when adrenaline is pumping and you almost feel weightless as you log your miles. That is…until you get injured. Then running can turn into an activity that you absolutely dread. While some injuries aren’t preventable (sometimes a sprained ankle or shin splints are inescapable despite your best efforts), you can improve your chances of sidestepping injury with the help of your running shoes. You may love your shoes and feel like you could run in them for years, but this is often a bad idea. It’s actually extremely important to replace your running shoes frequently. Plus, those worn-out kicks can be the culprit for many injuries. So, when exactly should you be replacing your running shoes? Read more