Surviving fall allergy season naturally; without all the side effects.

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The watery eyes, sneezing, hacking, coughing, and misery that come with fall is a yearly phenomenon many of us endure. If you suffer from allergies courtesy of mold and many of the other things in the air as the weather cools during autumn, we have some good news for you. You have some great natural choices that do not have the side effects of many other prescription or non-prescription drugs. also, recently, an FDA panel noted that a decongestant used in both Sudafed and Nyquil, phenylephrine according to the NY Times does not work at all. Interestingly enough, they do not consider offering natural alternatives to these products.

Think outside of the drug box by using a natural product instead.

Years ago, my go-to was Sudafed, which worked; sort of, but kept me up at night and left me feeling hungover the day after. Most of these medications and antihistamines will make you tired, and leave you feeling listless. Sudafed also is a stimulant. If you are in health care, in accounting, or any other type of work that requires you to be mentally sharp, it is essential that the thing that relieves the symptoms does not affect your ability to work A few years ago, someone suggested that I take Nettle. For years, Nettle has been used as a natural antihistamine and is available in caplets from companies such as Nature's Way or as a tea. The caplets are by far more convenient to use and I purchased it but never used it until I ran out of Sudafed. To my surprise, within half an hour, the symptoms went away. I tried it again a few more times that week and again, the symptoms were gone within half an hour and I did not feel drowsy or have any side effects such as insomnia. We carry Nettle in both our offices and it is very inexpensive. Don't think, buy it and try it, you will be happily impressed as I was. During acute attacks of hay fever, sometimes you need some other natural medications and we carry Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin. During bad days, taking two Nettle with Alpha Glycosyl stops most of these attacks in their tracks within a half-hour, or at least, significantly reduces their impact. Nettle is a great way to resolve this naturally if you are stuffy or have a runny nose.  Often, two capsules of Nettle is all that most of us need to shut down that runny nose.  On bad days, three may be needed.   I have also found out that when you have a cold, Nettle also helps since it is a natural antihistamine. If you are doing Fall cleanup, take two Nettle before you go out and clean up. It will, in combination with a face mask markedly reduce the risk of an allergic attack. We have both products in our offices.  Both are affordably priced and non-prescription items.