A family chiropractic office you and your loved ones can rely on.

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A family chiropractic office you and your loved ones can rely on. Charschan Chiropractic and sports injury associates, with locations in Scotch Plains and North Brunswick has been the family chiropractic office choice for thousands of families in Middlesex and Union counties. We have been helping families with their back, neck, sciatica, disc and extremity related problems for over 30 years.  We believe that educated healthcare consumers will choose a well rounded chiropractic office for that purpose. Our office is primary care for the musculoskeletal system, sometimes known as primary spine. Our office treats young children and adults as well as elderly adults.   We have numerous methods to get the job done and our unique programs such as the Free Spring Feet Checkout are popular family programs that help parents prevent their children from having many of the same problems they experienced growing up, since many of their children's as well as their parents musculoskeletal problems are inherited traits. We specialize in sports injuries and in helping runners.  We also help many student athletes who have physical challenges presented during their growth years.  We can supply the knowledge and expertise for them that your pediatrician cannot regarding musculoskeletal problems in a safe and cost effective manner.  Most older adults with chronic health problems will appreciate the relief of pain and improvement of function which allows them to walk better and improve their cardiovascular health as they become more active, an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our offices use active care and are evidenced based which is important in today's healthcare environment.  We also believe that communication is important with other providers, and will always send your primary doctor our initial treatment notes so they understand why their patient in under our treatment. We are a results driven office, desired by both patients and employers.  Unlike most types of healthcare providers, we will often handle and resolve multiple conditions, often on the same visit. We look at people first, as well as their symptoms. Our thorough approach to history taking, evaluation and management improves the quality of diagnosis, and our comprehensive approach to treatment using manipulation, myofascial release and individualized exercise instruction offers the opportunity for great outcomes. Our unique perspective on body mechanics is based on engineering books and Dr. Charschan's book, Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain. Dr. Charschan believes that well educated patients make better healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.  Our North Brunswick offices features a rehab suite which can be used by patients even after they have been discharged from active care, so they can reach their rehabilitation goals. Patients who do not belong to a gym will appreciate how our office goes the extra mile to help them reach their health goals.  Our Scotch Plains office has late weekday and unique Sunday morning hours by appointment. If you are wondering who to choose for your family chiropractic needs, look no further than Charschan Chiropractic and Sports Injury Associates.