Fans of alternative / complementary medicine get the word out; reasons to consider a non medical provider for what ails you.

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Fans of alternative / complementary medicine get the word out; reasons to consider a non medical provider for what ails you. Many chiropractic patients have been through it all; the tests, the procedures, the drugs and the fear of what if. What if they had only visited the chiropractor first? What if they visited another type of provider first? Most of us have been indoctrinated into the healthcare system and warned that if we do not use it first, our lives could be in jeopardy. On the other hand, NPR suggests an average of 210,000 and 440,000 patients die from medical related procedures or even preventative regimens. Just recently, an older patient was placed on a statin drug for cholesterol, with numbers in the low 200 range, which is hardly life threatening. After a few weeks of finding she was stiff and in pain, she told the doctor she wished to discontinue the medication, which requires monitoring by her doctor four times yearly for possible liver toxicity. She was then told she had to go on another statin and the effects were worse. Now she is off the drug and feels great, with no pain. Read more about this here While fear mongering from a complementary medicine practitioner, such as our office is just as bad, what you need to be aware of is that chiropractic is proven safe, and your local chiropractor is well trained to evaluate possible organic conditions that are life threatening. Many other providers are also trained this way, and in an ideal world, there would be true inter referral between all professions when appropriate. What actually happens is that often, the less expensive and more effective alternative / complementary provider is ignored and the patient is sent for more expensive interventions due to either provider bias or because a more sensible option is not covered even if it is safer and more effective. Check out this chart     For some of you, this is an eye opener, since you may also harbor the same prejudice your doctor does, and you may not be open to a different style of care. The healthcare system is indeed changing, and soon you may find that a high deductible plan which is the one you now have gives you the opportunity to spend the money any way you want, since it is supplemented by your employer. The good news is that now, you can make a more informed choice. While visiting a medical provider is often essential, there are other options that are often safer and more effective, that may not require the use of pharmaceuticals. Hopefully, this chart puts things in perspective when choosing the type of care you decide to have for yourself and your family. More people are now choosing chiropractic for this reason. The good news is the safety and effectiveness. The even better news is the outcomes are often faster, better and more effective for conditions of the musculoskeletal system and even some other conditions such as stomach complaints, allergies and headaches. This is especially true for those suffering from lower back pain who have been told to have high cost spinal injections which have been in the news lately, not in a good way. Perhaps, having your chiropractor on speed dial is a good idea.