Fermented foods for the health of it.

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When you think of fermented foods, what do you think of other than wine or beer?   Foods many of us consume regularly may include yogurt, Kimchi, sauerkraut, and even Kombucha, a drink I personally find revolting :). Cheeses are another food that comes to mind. There is a growing awareness that the bacteria in these foods are good for digestion and gut health since they supply many of the organisms that help us digest the food we eat. Recently, the NY Times reported that these foods can improve the microbiome of the gut which can help us with our weight, our resistance to inflammation, and our overall health. As reported by the NY Times, a new study in the Journal Cell offers further evidence of why fermented foods, common in other cultures may help us stay healthier. Check it out below How Fermented Foods May Alter Your Microbiome and Improve Your Health

Foods like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha increased the diversity of gut microbes and led to lower levels of inflammation.

By Anahad O’Connor Aug. 13, 2021 Sign up for the Well newsletter, for Times subscribers only. Essential news and guidance to live your healthiest life. Get it in your inbox. Fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha have long been dietary staples in many parts of the world. Indeed, for thousands of years, different cultures relied on fermentation to produce bread and cheese, preserve meats and vegetables, and enhance the flavors and textures of many foods. Now scientists are discovering that fermented foods may have intriguing effects on our gut. Eating these foods may alter the makeup of the trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that inhabit our intestinal tracts, collectively known as the gut microbiome. They may also lead to lower levels of body-wide inflammation, which scientists increasingly link to a range of diseases tied to aging. Read more