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The 5 Best Pilates Exercises to Prevent Lower Back pain.

5 Best Pilates Exercises for Your Back Pilates is an excellent way to strengthen, stabilize and tone the lower back.   Pilates considers the diaphragm and the pelvic muscles as part of the core muscles.  The abdominal muscles, while often given great importance in the media with ideas such as the six pack ab’s is actually much less important. It is also important to note that our coordination of movement in the core can either mean the core will get either stronger or weaker with exercise.   A healthy core will enable you to walk or run without back pain, and you Read More »

4 Exercises to Perform While Traveling to Maintain Back Health

4 Exercises to Perform While Traveling to Maintain Back Health Travel is more accessible than ever and if you go on any trip anywhere during peek times, vacations destinations are filled with tourists. While many locations we may visit can be a few hours away by car, statistically, more of us are flying and visiting different destinations worldwide according to Statistica. Sitting is one of the worst things we can do for long periods of time according to medical data, since long periods of sitting can result in a shorter lifespan.  Traveling as we are now doing it requires us to. Whether driving Read More »

Is running good for your back? Check out this NY Times article.

Is running good for your back?  Check out this NY Times article. As we age, our body goes through changes including the joints in the spine.   Over time, the spinal discs dry out and we lose mobility over time. Those who run may have an edge against this phenomenon, according to a new study that the NY Times just reported on. According to Scientific Reports this past April, researchers at Deakin University in Australia and other institutions decided to examine the backs of people who run and others who do not. According to the data, the runners’ discs were larger and contained Read More »