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Is arthritis avoidable or inevitable?

Is arthritis avoidable or inevitable? My patients have often heard me say Uncle Artie (as in Artie Ritis) was not invited to the party although they either were told their problem was arthritis or they assumed that they had arthritis due to aging. To diagnose arthritis, you need an X-ray and a blood test.  Medical healthcare providers and often patients assume their pain or stiffness is due to arthritis which can be anything from osteoarthritis to an inflammatory condition such as rheumatoid or gout. While it is true that the body has changes that occur over time which we all Read More »

Helpful tips on avoiding and preventing osteoarthritis pain and more.

Helpful tips on avoiding and preventing arthritis pain and more. You have pain in the neck with some radiation of pain into the shoulder and visit an orthopedic doctor that your primary doctor recommended.  After a couple of x-rays he tells you that the problem is due to arthritis and that you can take some medication, as you may have done other times you were in pain to relieve the discomfort.  Should you believe this tried and true diagnosis? Another example I have seen in some pain reliever commercials is pain when you try to open a bottle top or Read More »