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What happened to primary care?

What happened to primary care? We tell our patients that our chiropractic practice is primary care for the musculoskeletal system.   The idea is that medicine is a disconnected mess when it comes to evaluating and treating what hurts us and what makes us feel ill.   I approach to care as a whole body problem so we are not likely to miss the reason you hurt and find sensible cost-effective solutions to your problems. If your problem is medical, we would refer you to your primary care medical provider who years ago was the person who evaluated your blood, and your Read More »

Powerful doctors you don’t know are making decisions about your health. Here’s how.

Powerful doctors you don’t know are making decisions about your health.  Here’s how. The last few years have seen many sacred cows regarding cancer prevention and screening procedures for other diseases reduced or in some cases eliminated. Examples of this includes Mammogram’s frequency and age requirements and the use of the PSA tests on men.   While groups like the American Cancer Society have advocated for years certain screens, the data, it turns out never supported anything they said.  What is true is that many people have been screened and terrified unnecessarily when screened for certain disease processes, and many of them Read More »