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Chiropractor in NJ have a new scope of practice finally

Five years in the making to get our legislature to approve a new chiropractic scope of practice bill. We had many people who did not want this to happen, even though our previous scope has not been changed since 1953 and was antiquated and one of the worst in the nation. With the new scope of practice (parameters under which I can function as a chiropractor), I can now fully council patients on nutrition (before I had my hands tied), perform extremity work without relating it to the spine (I was fined years ago for those semantics) and practice the Read More »

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield must pay for all chiropractic services

For many years, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield has not paid for chiropractic evaluations on their patients and the other services practically all insurance carriers provide. A few years ago, they also reduced chiropractic reimbursements by over 30 percent as well making chiropractors suffer financially. Many, like myself would basically eat the cost of evaluations and the time we spent because of our ethos (chiropractors are all about the patients they serve). A couple of years ago, we had no choice but to charge our patients for their examinations since their policies, combined with other carriers may have made being Read More »