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Treadmill running: How does this compare to running outside?

Treadmill running: Is it harder or easier than running outside? The downside to treadmill running has always been that it can be quite boring.  Depending on the setup and the ground surface, it can also be less absorbent than pavement. On the other hand, there are a number of advantages including the fact that you can avoid wind resistance, and cold temperatures and allow the machine to maintain your pace for you which is almost like running with a partner. Is treadmill running harder or easier than outdoor running? The science offers some mixed evidence but a treadmill can help Read More »

Treadmill running vs. running outdoors. What are the differences?

Treadmill running vs. running outdoors. What are the differences? It’s winter in New Jersey and many runners have gone indoors for now. Have you ever wondered what the difference is when comparing treadmill running to running outdoors? I always imagined that treadmill running is like running with a partner who pushes you.   It can also be quite boring compared to running outside with changing scenery and the stimulus of what surrounds you. Running outdoors is far more interesting and immersive. The impact of running on different surfaces can be quite different as well compared to a treadmill which can be Read More »

Treadmill or outdoor running; which is best.

Treadmill or outdoor running; which is best. For avid runners, outdoor running is what they crave.   It is also where most running injuries occur. During the winter months, many runners stay indoors and use treadmills, either in their club or their homes. Since we are in the New Year, many of you are now thinking of getting back into shape and if you like to run, this blog offers some facts and tips on what type of running can give you the best workout.  Outdoor or on a treadmill, check this out. Is it better to run outside or on Read More »