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NJ workers compensation carriers suffering from high costs; The chiropractic profession is ready to help you afford care again.

High NJ worker’s compensation costs; The chiropractic profession is ready to help everyone afford care again. Worker’s compensation in NJ has been a good old’ boy network of large clinics, mediocre care, unnecessary tests, surgeries, and bureaucracies.  The problem has worsened with hospital and medical group consolidation. The rates for disability per week have increased as did the cost of a medical report or expert fee as well if you decide to sue the carrier for non payment of medically necessary care. In 1990, the worker’s compensation insurers passed a law allowing the insurer to choose who the employee visited Read More »

Study shows chiropractic care lowers costs workers compensation costs with a faster return to work.

Study shows chiropractic care lowers costs workers’ compensation costs with a faster return to work. The evidence continues to grow supporting chiropractors as the most cost-effective providers for lower back problems. This latest study shows significant savings under workers’ compensation. WCRI researchers examined more than 2 million claims from 28 states with injuries dating from Oct. 1, 2015, through Sept. 30, 2017, to compare costs and claim duration for workers who were treated exclusively by chiropractors to workers who received no chiropractic care and workers who received services from both chiropractors and other types of providers. In NJ, few workers Read More »

The likelihood of having surgery if you see a chiropractor first for a workers compensation back injury

Statistics show that seeing a chiropractor with a back injury at work first is least likely to result in an unnecessary surgery. With the current studies showing chiropractic patients have fewer disability days, fewer surgeries for back problems and a higher rate of satisfaction, why wouldn’t you choose chiropractic first? In NJ, where the insurer decides who you go to for which conditions, as a worker, you need to demand you see a chiropractor. Most insurance adjustors in NJ will not send you unless you demand it. It’s your body, don’t let an insurance adjuster affect the rest of your Read More »