Resolving Shoulder Pain

Common complaints patients have in the office is pain in the shoulder near the neck or in the joint or as some people refer to it, the rotator cuff. Commonly, people are referred to either an orthopedic doctor who may suggest rehabilitation to the shoulder and some doctors are now referring directly to chiropractors to evaluate the shoulder.

In our office, we understand that shoulder pain is frustrating and what is more frustrating is that most people find that many rehab regimens directed at the shoulder do not offer a long term benefit and often end up having surgery for the wrong reasons.

The reality is, most shoulder problems are created by problems in the pelvis, and tight core muscle (muscles surrounding your waist.) The other reality is most doctors will look at your shoulder, instead of looking at you and because they are trained to evaluate the area of complaint, vs., understanding how it got there, they miss the cause.

We have solved many shoulder problems by looking outside the box at the cause. The reality is that tight and dysfunctional muscles in the pelvis will pull the shoulder forward, impinging the muscles creating tears, tendon pain and extreme discomfort. Only be looking at the person as a whole, you can adequately treat shoulder problems. We do it safely, without the use of drugs or surgery.