Florida doctor tells patients who voted for Obama to go elsewhere – What are your thoughts?

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I read yesterday that a doctor in florida (Mount Dora) had a sign in his office telling his patients who voted for our president to go elsewhere (http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/state/health-care-reform-starts-now-for-mount-dora-509473.html). Is this really freedom of speech and is this really appropriate for a health care provider? Apparently, the doctor was against the health care reform process and decided to alienate anyone who may have disagreed with him.

Read the article, which has a photo of the sign. In my opinion, healthy discussion about health care reform is inevitable however this, on the other hand is inappropriate. One should wonder why so many doctors did not want reform.

As a health care provider, In my opinion, reform may render doctors such as this obsolete, since the trend will be toward primary care and away from treating the body as the individual parts instead of the sum of its parts and the integrated systems that encompass it. Maybe this is why so many high end specialists are scared of reform? Could the writing be finally on the wall for those who focus on tests and procedures, rather than on cost effective care and results.

What do you think?

I welcome your opinions