Flu Season Is Here. Dr. Charschan’s cold survival kit can help fight it off. Here’s how.

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Flu Season Is Here. Dr. Charschan's cold survival kit can help fight it off. Here's how. All over the papers and on the nightly news are reports of the Flu and the annual push for you to vaccinate. Should you vaccinate for the Flu? Is there a better and safer way? What if you begin to feel ill? There is another way to get vaccinated safely and probably more accurately. Most people do not know that the theory behind which flu to vaccinate is that whatever Flu virus appears in China last year is the one that you are told to vaccinate for this year. The problem is that often, the authorities are wrong (remember the Swine Flu) and the science behind this vaccine is weak? You can vaccinate by being in crowed places such as a plane, a bus or even a train. This works because all the viruses that are likely existing in your area will be present. If you begin to experience some symptoms, it means your body is reacting and trying to fight off the invading viruses or bacteria. Most times your body will succeed and you will be over the problem shortly. Since this is what vaccination does, congratulations. By the way, your immune system will be stronger and more resilient this way. If by chance, you continue to feel more ill, use my cold survival kit. Here's what you should do. Most people who have colds can benefit from this regimen. 1. Echinacea (helps fight cold viruses as the body is being attacked) 2. Amino Lysine 500mg 3. 5000 mg vitamin c powder - one level tsp taken with orange juice Take this as follows At the onset of symptoms, take a tablet of Echinacea per ever two hours for 3-4 doses total. Echinacea is only effective at the onset. If you are well into the symptoms, don't barther. Vitamin C powder - take ever two hours. If you begin to get diahrea or feel gassy, stop taking it. This means you have saturated your body. Vitamin C powder acidifies your system and gives it a fighting chance. Typically, colds make your body basic. If you are on medications that are altering your body chemistry, check with your pharmacist first. You can then take doses of this periodically as the symptoms begin to abate. Amino Lysine is anti viral and can be taken with the vitamin C powder. This regimen will shorten colds, get you feeling better faster. If you have a really nasty virus, you may find that it takes many doses of vitamin C to get to the point of diahrea or gassiness. If it is mild, you may reach this with one or two doses.