According to USA Today, food as medicine; scientists are researching the idea.

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I have previously discussed this idea in this blog and has also been reported by the NY Times and other reliable sources.   We are what we eat.   If we eat poorly and have meals that are high in calories but low in actual nutrition, we are more likely to have health problems the medical system attempts to manage but cannot solve. It is no accident that people are getting fatter, living longer but not necessarily with a great quality of life.  Genetics plays a part in this equation to a point, however, eating the right foods will help feed the gut allowing for the right type of flora to flourish, helping us digest our food, extract the right minerals and vitamins and reduce overall inflammation in the body which results in better health. The information regarding all of these ideas is supported by the latest research and the best medicine may be nutritious foods that we prepare ourselves.   Salads with green leafy vegetables are important for our digestive and gut health and if you ever have a cold, you can use plants, and vitamins in larger-than-normal quantities to fight it naturally.   While drug companies have drugs that may help, perhaps a combination of both is likely the better way to health.   Many common drugs may actually come from plants or plant extracts and are essentially food.   Others may be chemicals that have no value other than to alter biological processes which may result in our developing other problems later on seen as side effects. Drug companies would like nothing better than to sign you up for a lifetime of their chronic treatments, in lieu of a cure as this is their most profitable business model.   Perhaps the cure begins with their incentives changing although they know that cures end their profits on a particular patient.  Medical Doctors only have at their disposal the drugs made to manage chronic disease, which is likely as the current research suggests due to diet. Do we need more doctor visits, or perhaps, should insurance money be shifted towards better eating habits? Food may ultimately be the cure we all wish for, as we cycle through life.  Sure, life is not without health pitfalls or genetic effects as we age, but even then, food may reduce our likelihood of the genetic risk coming to fruition. Feeding the masses with better food is likely going to be better than Medicaid, your medical doctor's tools, or screening for cancer, as better food will reduce your risk of many of the chronic diseases such as diabetes we now deal with.   For your musculoskeletal system, of course, your chiropractor can help you with that. Food is a better doctor than your doctor in many cases. Is food the best health insurance plan? Check out this latest article from USA Today on the idea that food is medicine. Can food cure high medical bills? Pilot 'food as medicine' programs aim to prove just that. Medora Lee USA TODAY

“Food as medicine” may be coming to a health plan near you.

More states are testing Medicaid programs that’ll provide more people with healthy foods and, potentially, lower health care costs. Medicaid typically only covers medical expenses, but Arkansas, Oregon and Massachusetts received approval from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services last year to use a portion of their Medicaid funds to pay for food programs, including medically tailored meals, groceries and produce prescriptions (fruit and vegetable prescriptions or vouchers provided by medical professionals for people with diet-related diseases or food insecurity). California already was running a food program under a different centers approval. The aim is to see whether providing people with nutritious foods can effectively prevent, manage, and treat diet-related diseases. Read more