Are you low on energy, or are these foods making you feel tired?

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Are you low on energy, or are these foods making you feel tired? What you eat during your lunch can make the difference between being high energy.  If you have ever had that large meal and felt like you need a knap, it is likely that the foods you ate are causing you to feel this way. On the other hands, eating different foods may leave you with more energy.  Should you avoid carbs, eat more protein or eat more salad or fruit? Check out this blog post I recently found that offers some great advice on what foods are likely to leave you tired and lethargic. Foods that are making you tired By Chris Heasman Feeling sleepy? It might be what you're eating. We tend to spend so much time focused on the more obvious effects of the food we consume — taste, health benefits, that sort of thing — that it's often easy to overlook the subtler ones. Yes, there's a fair bit of science to suggest that certain foods have a tendency to put you to sleep. Not all foods are the same, of course. Some contain chemical ingredients that will literally make you tired and help you sleep more soundly (that's good!) while others, by their nature, will induce fatigue and make your waking days all the more difficult for it (that's bad!). Either way, there's something in all these foods — some of which are so everyday that we can guarantee you've eaten them in the last few days — that'll get those eyelids drooping. Avoid some, embrace others — just try not to operate any heavy machinery while you're doing so, yeah? Read more