Foods that build muscle and proper nutrition

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I was reading an article that was posted on news ( regarding foods that help build muscle.  One of the biggest problems in our current diet is the lack of protein when compared to simple carbohydrates such as pasta's and breads.  As I have gotten older, I have realized since my job as a chiropractor is quite physical, that without an abundance of protein in my diet, I tend to crash after the meal and feel tired and sleepy.  This is typical if I have a lunch abundant in carbs and light on protein.  Although I love food, during the work week, it is my fuel. I remember Michael Phelps talking about how his diet of in excess of 10000 calories a day was his fuel and at my own level, I need to use the proper fuel to make sure I have the energy to sustain my high level of function throughout the week while treating my patients.  As the casual reader, your needs may differ but food is still fuel.  It helps you maintain your edge during the week and in this competitive world, everyone needs to be at their peak while doing business.  As the saying goes, you are what you eat.  Read the article.  It has some great advice.  What are your thoughts?