For Leukemia patients, move over chemo, there is a new sheriff in town

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For Leukemia patients, move over chemo, there is a new sheriff in town A new promising gene based treatment has been shown to be quite effective in the treatment of this disease. Researchers used a non threatening form of HIV injected into people suffering from the condition that was genetically modified. These were patients who alread tried bone marrow transplants and chemo but relapsed. The modification caused the body to create its own immune reaction to the cancer, kind of like sending out the genetic army and then attacking the cancerous cells which are unruly cells that try to take over frantically, destroying the bodys systems. Apparently, they had initially had difficulty finding the funding to do this and I believe the investors will be duely rewarded. Of course, this therapy is not without its side effects but imagine if it is perfected, made affordable (one would question that, since medicine has a way of gouging anyone with a life threatening disease) and using this template to treat other cancers. Of course, the real cause of why this occurs has yet to be admitted and uncovered, and I believe that the true cause of cancer will likely never be revealed because the institutions who make a ton of money from other peoples miseries will go out of business (that is my cynical self speaking, but big industries will always try to preserve their moat). Check out the article, let me know what you think... Read it by clicking here