Does anyone really need or want a fourth covid vaccine?

Does anyone really need or want a fourth covid vaccine?

Recent headlines suggest that Pfizer and now Moderna are lobbying the FDA to approve a fourth covid-19 booster.

Do we really need this?   Pfizer attempted using Israel which has been where their other studies were staged for a second booster only a few months after people had their third booster.   The study failed to show any significant antibody increase that would warrant the second booster.

Another recent study said that the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine which did not increase our antibody counts like the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines did was just as effective at keeping people out of the hospital.   We found out that the vaccines were good at preventing severe illness rather than preventing you from getting covid-19 or its many variants.  Confused yet?

While the vaccines are considered safe after millions of doses, they do make us feel like hell for a day or two, and does more of this make for a healthier you?

Who is the second booster for?   Public safety?   Seniors because (load your own narrative here)?  Shareholders?  Company bank accounts?

Is our health now going to the highest bidder for FDA Approval?   Is it antibodies that are really only a precursor to long-term immunity and if so, more boosters ignore the growing science behind long-term immunity?

There is also the inconvenient fact that the vaccines plus natural immunity is how our pandemic is ending.  If you have any doubts about why absolute lockdowns don’t work, ask China whose zero lockdown policy works only in total isolation. After the Olympics, it appears Omicron is now coming to visit them too.

We and other animals have evolved over thousands of years to thrive in our environments while not succumbing to every virus or bacteria.   Immunity existed before vaccines did and they can help.

On the other hand, our lack of understanding about how powerful natural immunity is, and the increased safety of a vaccine should be accepted as is.   Campaigns to vaccinate everything should be a cautionary tale and may have unexpected consequences we do not fully understand.  Don’t forget that with covid vaccines, we are the trial and we are still learning.

Some of the excess hysteria behind illnesses and vaccines can be seen in the Flu which has for the second year been a relative no show even though the media blew it up with flurona nonsense. Do you really need a flu vaccine every year and other than offering you piece of mind, how often does this work?   I did predict a light flu season based on the facts from the southern hemisphere’s winter this past year.

With regard to covid 19 becoming endemic, perhaps we need to stop being afraid, take off the masks, stop over-sanitizing everything and be thankful we have evolved.  Perhaps, that is the science.