Going barefoot, for 20 years and counting; One man’s experience according to the NY Times.

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For those who read the book Born to Run years ago, the idea of barefoot walking and running went viral.

Everyone was looking for either minimalist shoes or Vibram 5 fingers shoes trying to follow what the book suggested about people in Africa who walked and ran without shoes.

Even the Barefoot Runners society was formed and became an international movement of people wishing to run barefoot.  I was one of their advisors for many years and even ran my own barefoot almost experience in my blog posts titled Going Barefoot Almost. Part 1   Part2   Part 3

The NY Times they were recently reported on Joseph DeRuvo Jr. who 20 years ago decided to continue living life barefoot and how it changed his life.  Check it out below

He Took His Shoes Off 20 Years Ago. He Hasn’t Put Them Back On.

Joseph DeRuvo Jr. has lived a mostly barefooted life for nearly two decades. The experience has given him a thick skin.

By Katherine Rosman Published March 1, 2023

NORWALK, Conn. — A few years back, Joseph DeRuvo Jr. made a quick stop at an upscale supermarket to buy eggs and was stopped in the dairy aisle by a store manager. “You’re not wearing shoes,” he recalled the manager saying to him.

He was right. Mr. DeRuvo wasn’t wearing shoes. He almost never does.

The employee cited health codes; Mr. DeRuvo disputed that he was in violation. The employee made vague references to insurance policies; Mr. DeRuvo replied, “More people break their necks with high heels than they ever do going barefoot.”

“A customer is complaining,” the manager finally said, as Mr. DeRuvo remembers it. “We’d like you to leave.”

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