Are we going to cure cancer? Popular Mechanics magazine investigates the current research and the path to a cure.

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Are we going to cure cancer?  Popular Mechanics magazine investigates the current research and the path to a cure. The human genome is complex, and the cost of mapping it has been markedly reduced.  Is this the road to curing the disease?   Popular mechanics new article looks at where we are now scientifically, what the disease is and the potential for a cure. Anyone who has had standard treatment for the disease is constantly monitored to be sure it does not return.  This is different than a cure of the disease (s) that make up most cancers and tumors. Is it genetic, viral, a genetic mishap or perhaps does the disease have a common cause?   Popular Mechanics touches all of these possibilities and more in this fascinating article. Check it out here It'll Take an Army to Kill the Emperor By Jacqueline Detwiler May 17, 2017 The men and women who are trying to bring down cancer are starting to join forces rather than work alone. Together, they are winning a few of the battles against the world's fiercest disease. For this unprecedented special report, we visited elite cancer research centers around the country to find out where we are in the war. I. Precision Medicine: What Is Cancer, Really? When you visit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, you expect to feel devastated. It starts in the waiting room. Oh, here we go with the little red wagons, you think, observing the cattle herd of them rounded up by the entrance to the Patient Care Center. Oh, here we go with the crayon drawings of needles. The itch begins at the back of your throat, and you start blinking very fast and mentally researching how much money you could donate without starving. Near a row of arcade games, a preteen curls his face into his mother's shoulder while she strokes his head. Oh, here we go. Read more