Golf fitness is important especially since it is golf season. Is your body ready?

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Cleveland+Golf+Srixon+Scottish+Senior+Open+FnbR_Y0VWaYl The warmer weather has filled the parking lots of many of our local golf courses. The driving ranges are busy with people who are golfers and want to get conditioned before they hit the greens. Is your body ready for this or are you swinging poorly, is your ball going to the right rather than straight or are you aching after a few swings of the club, especially in the lower back. How is your golf fitness?golf arc The golf swing requires that arc which comes from hitting the ball correctly and winding up with your hips rotating forward as you follow through. The perfect swing begins with a forward shift of the hips, followed by a rotation of the hips, as the inertia of the club hits the ball. If any part of this does not happen, you will be missing the ball, or your ball will likely fly right instead of in front of you.

Does your body resist your efforts to swing properly?

Most golfers have had lessons and golf instructors will show you the form that is most appropriate for you. The problem is, different clubs of different lengths will require slightly different follow through and your body may not function properly because of tightness of the myofascia in your legs, hips or shoulders.  Also, the strength and overall flexibility go hand in hand and since the golf swing is all about form and inertia, proper golf fitness is essential for you to swing properly, drive balls and not hurt afterward your lower back.

What is the myofascia?

Myofascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all the muscles and organs in your body, and it controls firing patterns and the way muscles engage during an activity. The myofascia also forms according the forces we place upon it as explained in the book Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain. If the myofascia is tight, your form will suffer.

How do you loosen the myofascia?

One way we can do this is by using a foam roller. You can view our blog post on how to foam roll here . While this is helpful prior to golfing, it will not solve all the problems related to your swing or lower back pain arising from a distorted pelvis, which occurs with people who are built asymmetrically.

Why does asymmetry cause problems and how can I correct this?

Asymmetry is an inherited trait that begins at the feet. One way to help yourself is to wear inserts known as foot orthotics in your golf shoes. If these are off the shelf or custom, they can help level out the hips which will improve your swing. If your myofascia is very tight, you may also require some help from a healthcare professional. Most sports chiropractors are trained in methods such as myofascial release or Active Release Techniques, which is a style of myofascial release treatment. This, combined with spinal and extremity manipulation can improve the way your joints move while you walk and more importantly, while you swing, for a more powerful follow through that is more accurate. In the more stubborn cases, Graston Technique or other instrument assisted soft tissue treatments can be quite helpful in improving your golf swing as well. After loosening your myofascia, exercises that target the weakened tight musculature can help improve your follow through and improve your game. Having a chiropractor who understands the mechanics of golf is essential for the best treatment result. You can purchase Cheating Mother Nature through and other popular booksellers.