Golfing sensation Jordan Spieth relies on his chiropractor to stay in peak form, you should too.

Jordan SpiethGolfing sensation Jordan Spieth relies on his chiropractor to stay in peak form, you should too.

It’s golf season, and the golfers are now out in full force, looking for that great sunny day to play a round at the local courses.

Recently, pro golfer Jordan Spieth had been interviewed and said that his chiropractor was instrumental in helping him stay out of trouble, while he tried to master the masters tournament last year.

At his press conference in 2015, Spieth drew attention for publicly thanking his chiropractor, Troy Van Biezen, DC, ART, BPE, for helping him reach peak performance. This was excellent publicity for the value of chiropractic care.

Although he only made second place, this is still a very difficult task to accomplish, due to the strong competition he faces.

The pro golfers tour has their own traveling chiropractor who goes from venue to venue, serving the golfers.

While professional golfers have access to a high profile chiropractor, many local folks such as yourself will find that your local sports chiropractor is quite skilled at helping you avoid back pain and even improve your swing.

Often, golfers have no idea why the ball is not going where they want it to, but a chiropractor has an understanding of how the body should move.   They also have no idea why their back is so sore the day after, and often falsely believe it was just from playing, or not stretching or perhaps, from being out of shape.  The truth is, the best way to find out if you body is ready for the sport you wish to play is to see your chiropractor first, especially if you are noticing your flexibility is not quite what you think it should be.

When we evaluate a golfer, we are able to show golfers where the restrictions are in their hips, legs and back and how it affects their swing which is diagnostic of what would cause their back to be in pain after their round of golf.

We use methods such as myofascial release and instrument assisted soft tissue, as well as chiropractic adjustments to restore motion in the hips which markedly improves follow through, which is vitally important when driving a golf ball.

Most golfers immediately notice that their accuracy and form both improve, which is essential to being able to both drive the ball properly. Better form equals a better experience and a better recovery time from those first few rounds of golf.

Pro’s such as Spieth are endorsing chiropractic as their best choice for back pain avoidance during golf season, and of course, their secret weapon to help them drive the ball better. The great news is, chiropractic is for regular folks such as you as well.