Graston Technique and Pain Management; A Safe and Proven Way To Feel Better

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Graston Technique and Pain Management; A Safe and Proven Way To Feel Better A few years ago, the media Buzz on Graston Technique from the local television stations in both NYC and Philly was that Graston Technique erases pain. Of course, the phone would ring from people who had all types of problems looking for the miracle Graston could provide. Also known as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue (Graston is the most well known method), it is effective because it resolves problems in the myofascia with the use of instruments. Shown safe and effective after years of use in many chiropractic, physical therapy and training rooms for professional sports teams, Graston has developed a loyal following. Our office also was trained in Active Release Techniques many years ago however, sometimes, especially with more fibrotic tissue, Graston can be more effective and efficient. How it works Myofascia surrounds all our organs and muscles and forms depending on the forces placed upon them. In the book, Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain as well as in the writings of Steckel and Myers, the fascial restriction are created by both injury and body style. If you body type is asymmetrical, you are most likely to experience chronic pain. All types of myofascial release work by relieving the soft tissue restrictions that create malfunction and pain, however, sometimes, chronic fascial restriction still exists even if the practitioner, using just their hands has resolved and improved an areas function. Graston involves using the tools to strum, or feel the existing restrictions your practitioner may not feel by hand, but will feel through the tool. You as the patient will feel it too. By going over the tissues gliding over an emolient (lubricant), the existing fascial restriction will be ground up allowing for improved motion in a region which reduces pain, improves function and allows for much faster rehabilitation of an area. Exercises are then applied to stretch the area because new fascia will form which needs to allow better freedom of movement. Once the movement is improved, our office uses active evaluation techniques to improve the way the area functions and then applies rehabilitation techniques, which is the fastest and most effective protocol now available. Chiropractic manipulation when performed after these methods is both safe and effective since it enhances joint movement which helps further improve restricted mobilitity and enhances mechanical firing patterns in the body, the basis for all joint movement. It is never about where you hurt, but why. Working on the part of pain rarely works to resolve a problem because often the problem exists in another part of the body. Active evaluation is an integral part of diagnosis which allows for the most appropriate and cost effective path to resolve most chronic pain problems. Whether knee, shin, hip, back, neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist pain, the active protocol of treat, test treat resolves many of the toughest pain issues that plague the general public. Some surgeons are also recommending Graston post surgically because it helps improve function and improves movement, essential to a desirable outcome and safer than surgically attempting to resolve scarring. While there are some contra indications such as diabetes and pregnancy for the use of the Graston Tools, Myofascial Release is quite effective in those patients as well as an alternative. Find out more by calling Charschan Chiropractic and Sports Injuries two locations : North Brunswick (732) 846-6400 and Scotch Plains (732) 829-0009 and find out how we can help. Read Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain available through Check out the Graston chart on "What is soft tissue."