Graston Technique

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What is Graston Technique?

Graston Technique, otherwise known as instrument-assisted soft tissue treatment, was developed to aid in the treatment of patients who are experiencing pain and loss of function as a result of injury, cumulative stress disorders, and following some surgical procedures. The procedure is currently being used by many university athletic and professional sports teams in the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries and is also used in the management of work-related injuries.

How does Graston Technique work?

The Technique enables the doctor (clinician) to effectively break down adhesions and scar tissue that forms between muscle fibers. The technique makes use of scientifically designed stainless steel instruments that detect and treat tissue restrictions that result in pain and dysfunction. In our offices, Graston Technique is employed in combination with Myofascial Release Treatment for the ultimate effect. Ultimately, it is the thought process, rather than the procedure that will yield the best results, since Graston is just a tool to get the job done. It is very effective in treating problems in tendons and more fibrous tissues, and in reducing the pain from myofascial adhesion which can adversely affect muscular function. In 2008, Graston Technique was referred to as the "pain eraser" by local television stations because of the ability to reduce chronic pain.