Can hanging upside down relieve your back problem? Check out this Time Magazine article.

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Decompression of the lower back by hanging upside down or having a device that allows you to do this has been around for years.  Can it help you get relief? A recent article in Time Magazine evaluated the science behind this method and answers the question well. In our experience, these devices may help temporarily, however, back pain is about more than the lower back.  It is about the way we move.  Can these devices help you move better or are they just a good way to do resisted exercises? Check out the article here

See the source imageYou Asked: Can Hanging Upside Down Relieve Back Pain?

By MARKHAM HEID February 7, 2018 If you’ve ever seen a TV commercial for inversion tables—those tilting contraptions that allow you to hang upside down by your ankles—and you suffer from back pain, you’ve probably been tempted to buy one. The ads claim that by dangling upside-down, bat-like, you’ll create separation between the vertebrae of your spine and neck. That separation supposedly reduces pressure on the nerves running between and around these vertebrae. You’ll relax tense muscles, and increase the flow of “nutrients” to the disks of your spine—all of which should help relieve back pain and promote better physical health. Beyond these apparatuses, yoga is also a big proponent of inversion. Assuming postures that elevate your legs above your head and lower body are said to be restorative—to help stretch the back and spine, and to increase blood flow to the brain. Read more