Healthcare costs; where you are evaluated and treated first can make all the difference.

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Healthcare costs; where you are evaluated and treated first can make all the difference. Did you know that where you are treated and by whom can make the difference between what your visit can cost you now and into the future. There is the often told tale of the person with hand numbness who had hand numbness into the fingers, and by their doctors suggestion, visits a neurologist, who runs a test such as an NCV which tests nerve conduction which if positive can lead to another specialist, and then another and then another? Often this path which has significant costs leads to either no medical intervention, pain management, or in rare cases, a tumor or disc problem in the neck or back which may require surgery. What if the person is 82, do we still consider the same tests as appropriate even though the end result would be contra indicated if they have a tumor because of their age? Years ago, when all insurance plans had a low co payment, people would have these tests, and visit all these doctors because there was a low entry fee. Now, it is not unusual for people to have a $2500 or $5000 yearly deductible before any care is paid for, although many employers will significantly subsidize the deductible, with the thought that patients are now becoming healthcare consumers and will more closely scrutinize the use of their own money for healthcare services. The problem with this is that often people put off much needed care and also, a patient may not be referred to the most cost effective provider, but rather to the person next in the healthcare chain the doctor has been trained to refer to since they were an intern. What was acceptable years ago without regard to cost is now questionable since the diagnostic road in the example above clearly often leads to negative tests and often procedures of dubious value, while occasionally finding a life threatening condition. Another option exists is visiting a local chiropractor. Most chiropractors have been taught to avoid surgeries and drugs since they can do neither, yet, they look at the entire body and often find the source of the problem without many of the tests that are often ordered and return with a negative finding. If you could spend $1200 of your own money on a test vs. $1200 on a safe and drug free way to significantly improve or resolve a condition, which would you choose? In the future, many chiropractors are already seeing more people seek out their care because they look at you, not just the symptoms you visited with. Often the cause, as in the example of hand numbness which often starts with asymmetrical body mechanics that are inherited (referenced in Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain). Some offices have multiple specialists however, the right chiropractor can often do things more simply, eliminating costs, visits and even other specialists which are unneeded as a problem improves. Chiropractors can often solve problems safely for thousands of dollars less because of the way they look at the musculoskeletal system. Your most effective chiropractors may use methods such as; 1. Spinal and extremity manipulation - improves mechanical alignment for more efficient skeletal function. 2. Myofascial release treatment - By hand, they resolve many restrictions in soft tissues that surround the muscles improving overall function of the body. Some use instrument assisted soft tissue methods depending on what they find clinically for an even better long term outcome. 3. Foot orthotics - help asymmetrical body mechanics to work differently, lessening the stress and strain on the bodies joints caused by an asymmetrical body style. 4. Exercises - After Myofascial release treatment, this helps activate muscles so they can be retrained to improve the way you feel and function. More people are taking healthcare reform into their own hands as they are forced to pay high deductibles and question the costs and the value of what is offered to them from the medical system. Often, the chiropractor will refer those who have medical based problems to the appropriate provider although most people who discover chiropractic methods discover that not only their hand numbness, back and neck pain, sciatica and even plantar fasciitis resolve faster under the hands of a chiropractor, eliminating other office visits and their eventual costs. Find out more by exploring the Charschan Chiropractic Website We can make a difference, and help you get back to a more healthy and fulfilling pain free lifestyle.