We are now distributors of Healthy Path CBD. Here’s what you need to know.

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CBD has become popular because of its ability in reducing symptoms such as
  • Chronic Pain
  • Arthritis.
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation

Is CBD a miracle drug?

Not exactly, however, it has gained popularity partly because of marijuana which is now becoming more popular as it becomes legalized and its medicinal properties are recognized by the medical community. Health Path CBD oil is actually harvested from the hemp plant which is in the marijuana family.  Unlike marijuana which has THC, the component that makes you feel high, hemp has CBD, also known as cannabidiol. The product is Hemp oil and is flavored with mint. As with marijuana which has different varieties, CBD does as well. It works because it acts on the cannabidiol receptors in the brain.   These are the same receptors that are affected by people taking opioids, which is why CBD is being looked at as a possible treatment for opioid addiction since it reduces symptoms by affecting those receptors as well. Without getting too technical, there are two types of CBD; type 1 and 2.  The correct combination of type 1 and 2 can make a great difference in its effectiveness.  Healthy Path's product is grown naturally.  The strain they are growing has the most effective combination of type 1 and 2 CBD to resolve your symptoms. Recently, Consumer Reports and the NY Times both reported on CBD and offered credible information regarding these products. Dosing the product is done orally, with a dropper full placed under the tongue for a minute, and then swallowed.  Try the suggested dosage for 1-2 times per fry for 5 days.   If that is ineffective, add 50% more and then dose again. We understand that there are many brands of CBD available and we have thoroughly researched other products, before deciding to retail this one.   We also understand that CBD is being sold as gummies and there are other products being sold that have THC in them.   This one is a legal and safe product without THC, certified in a lab.  CBD is dosed sublingually, under the tongue for maximal effect.  Since it will affect the receptors in the brain, sublingual dosing assures that the product can have the greatest effect. Sublingual dosing is one of the fastest ways to get a therapeutic product into the bloodstream. It has not been proven to work in gummies or in creams that are applied to the skin from the information we have read. The 500 mg bottle retails for $60 dollars and is available through our offices.