Heroin and Cocaine are less dangerous than prescription drugs says a new study.

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pills Heroin and Cocaine are less dangerous than prescription drugs says a new study. If you watch television at any time during the day, there is a good chance that you will see a commercial for a new pharmaceutical medication that will solve your problems for you and allow you to live a fuller, more productive life. If you look past the initial message, you will likely hear a bunch of side effects that can be more horrible than the condition it is supposedly going to relieve. It is no secret that in the USA we take more drugs than any other nation, which correlates nicely with us being about the only country that allows drug companies to advertise on television. The networks certainly like the revenue and would feel it if we no longer allowed them to advertise here. The reality is that we take so many drugs because their messages are effective, even though they tell you how horrible their solution can be. It is also no secret that our country's healthcare system is a huge mess, and rather than finding out why people are having problems, we torture them with many specialists, and their bills before they ever find out what may be wrong with them, and then give them solutions that most often ends in a pill bottle and a pharmacist. Is it any wonder that the USA has a huge and growing drug problem that now eclipses the danger of Heroin and Cocaine, two drugs known to be addictive and kill people. With chronic pain driving many of these sales of drugs, more people and their primary doctors should entrust non drug orientated professions such as chiropractic since they are clearly safer as per many study's and cost effective as well. Perhaps we need to rethink what we do and how we do it in our healthcare system since this current itineration is both dangerous and way overpriced. How many alarms do we need to sound until the death toll is so great because the need for relief and the pill bottled solution finally loses its credibility and cultural authority? Check out this enlightening article here: Death by prescription painkiller First major review provides evidence of sharp increase in deaths from painkillers in U.S. and Canada
Published: 18 Jun 2014
"Prescription painkiller overdoses have received a lot of attention in editorials and the popular press, but we wanted to find out what solid evidence is out there," says Nicholas King, of the Biomedical Ethics Unit in the Faculty of Medicine. In an effort to identify and summarize available evidence, King and his team conducted a systematic review of existing literature, comprehensively surveying the scientific literature and including only reports with quantitative evidence."We also wanted to find out why thousands of people in the U.S and Canada are dying from prescription painkillers every year, and why these rates have climbed steadily during the past two decades," says King, "We found evidence for at least 17 different determinants of increasing opioid-related mortality, mainly, dramatically increased prescription and sales of opioids; increased use of strong, long-acting opioids like Oxycontin and methadone; combined use of opioids and other (licit and illicit) drugs and alcohol; and social and demographic factors." read more