Hip arthritis, hip replacement; New study suggests not so fast.

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    Many people as they age have been told they have hip arthritis and require a replacement hip. It is a huge business making billions for companies such as Johnson and Johnson. Often, a patient in pain visits the orthopedic doctor who delivers the bad news; you need a new hip, and of course, he just happens to be the one who can do it. What if x rays alone were not a good indicator of a hip bad enough to require a replacement and many of these patients have better conservative options that were never offered? In our office, we have helped many patients avoid unnecessary hip replacement surgeries which are riskier on older patients in their late 70's and 80's. The reason we can help is that most of these people suffer from tight hip joint capsules, which can in time destroy their hip joint. With our specific protocols of Myofascial Release Treatment, Hip joint protocols, manipulation and many cases shoe inserts, many of these patients may put these procedures off for years, and others never require this type of intervention. Why does this work? Your gait (the way you walk) will determine how your back and hips feel. Since each joint carries part of the motion during gait when the other joints work better, and the restricted hip using our protocols loosens up, you walk better, have less pain and the arthritic joint is under much less stress. The end result is you walk better, feel better overall and you have far less pain. We offer a viable and cost-effective alternative that works and is reproducible. Charschan Chiropractic and Sports Injury Associates, "the body mechanics". Request your appointment here.