Home birth? A more natural option growing in popularity

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Home birth? A more natural option growing in popularity A number of years ago, while my wife was pregnant, we explored different birthing methods and choices. We found out that the Bradley method had a local instructor. I also found out the lemaze method, taught by many local hospitals was more about what your doctor was going to do to you rather than the choices you had. There was another option locally in Princeton called Family Borne. They were run by midwives and had a terrific safety record. They were also affiliated with the local hospital just in case there were complications. Unfortunately, Family Borne is no longer with us but there is renewed interest in home births. With home births, there are midwifes that assist in the process, there are fewer medical procedures affilliated with it, the most common is cesarian sections which have been increasing in frequency and the dreaded episiotomy, something we found out was not only not necessary, but some doctors did it because of their belief, rather than need. I found this article in the NY times that you will likely find of interest, especially if home birthing is of interest to you. Years ago, giving birth was done at home. In todays society, it is handled like an illness, in the hospital. Most hospitals have attempted to make their birthing suites more like home, however it is still a hospital. If you are less worried about the just in case something goes wrong (more often, it goes right) and like things done naturally, this may be for you.
The Consumer
Joshua Lott for The New York Times
HOPES Kyle Birkemeier and Torrie Trautman plan to have their child born at home.
Published: August 8, 2011
When Kelly Brown gave birth three years ago, she labored for 22 hours, much of the time hooked up to an IV line that restricted her movement. Repeatedly offered pain medication she did not want, she narrowly avoided getting a Caesarean section. Read the full article here