Hospital prices are now posted online; Here’s what this author found.

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President Trump wanted price transparency and as a result, hospitals are beginning to put their prices on their websites. While you can now search out the cost of a particular procedure, this is not as easy and straightforward as it should be. As someone can expect, prices are all over the place and two hospitals in the same area can have markedly different prices. Patients can now access this info to negotiate the prices down prior to coming in for the procedure which is helpful to those who don't have insurance. Those who have insurance have negotiated rates. Once you begin to look into this, you begin to realize how our healthcare system is such a mess.   Check out the article below

Hospitals Have Started Posting Their Prices Online. Here's What They Reveal

JULIE APPLEBY July 2, 20215:00 AM ET A colonoscopy might cost you or your insurer a few hundred dollars — or several thousand, depending on which hospital or insurer you use. Long hidden, such price variations are supposed to be available in stark black and white under a Trump administration price transparency rule that took effect at the start of this year. It requires hospitals to post a range of actual prices — everything from the rates they offer cash-paying customers to costs negotiated with insurers. Many have complied. But some hospitals bury the data deep on their websites or have not included all the categories of prices required, according to industry analysts Read more