How China beat back Covid-19 and the return to normal.

How China beat back Covid-19 and the return to normal.

China had Covid-19 first and dealt with it in a Chinese cultural sort of way.   Many of us may have heard about their authoritarian methods but they also used science and strong public health initiatives.

People in China are now able to move about freely without restriction.  A strong national public health policy was part of why they were so successful and they already vaccinated in excess of a million people.

Unlike the United States where belief systems and politics challenged people who worked tirelessly to inform us of their concerns, China was able to beat back the virus with a sound national policy.

Part of their success was rooted in what was learned during the Sars virus.  Check out this interesting article on how they did it.  While the United States does have differences in the type of government and the way health policies are developed, a strong national policy is a key to success.

China beat the coronavirus with science and strong public health measures, not just with authoritarianism

November 23, 2020

I live in a democracy. But as Thanksgiving approaches, I find myself longing for the type of freedom I am seeing in China.

People in China are able to move around freely right now. Many Americans may believe that the Chinese are able to enjoy this freedom because of China’s authoritarian regime. As a scholar of public health in China, I think the answers go beyond that.

My research suggests that the control of the virus in China is not the result of authoritarian policy, but of a national prioritization of health. China learned a tough lesson with SARS, the first coronavirus pandemic of the 21st century.

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