How Does Kinesio Tape Work?

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Kinesio TapeHow Does Kinesio Tape Work?

It's not a fashion statement. It might seem like a bold addition to workout attire, but athletes wear Kinesio tape to help with the healing of a variety of injuries, from back and shoulder pain to knee and ankle problems. How does Kinesio tape work? Why do they wear it? It's colorful and certainly draws attention, but does it really provide any benefits? It does! As simple as it might seem, athletic tape—when appropriately applied—aids in the recovery from sports or other injuries. Let's take a look at the science behind it.

What Does It Do?

How does Kinesio tape work? When suffering from an injury, the injured area often swells up with fluid. You can't always see the swelling, but many times an impact or over-use injury will "balloon" up as a sure sign that there's a problem. That build-up of fluid in your body's lymphatic fluid rushing to the site of the injury. Lymphatic fluid brings white blood cells to your injury to help you heal. While this is a good thing, and the property response from your body, increased lymphatic fluid adds pressure on the surrounding tissue and muscles, making it more difficult for you to move. This increase in the fluid can also increase the level of pain you feel from an injury. Kinesiology tape helps relieve that pressure. When properly placed around an injury, the tape gently pulls the skin away from the injured and swollen area. By creating space around your injury, lymphatic fluid can flow more easily to help your white blood cells do their job.

How Does It Help Relieve Pain?

Some athletes wear sports tape without having a specific injury. If you experience knee or joint pain while walking or running, Kinesio tape can help ease tension on your joints. When ligaments and blood can move freely around a painful joint, you experience less pain. Sore muscles can also benefit from Kinesio taping. A physical therapist can tape the area around a sore muscle, including trigger points, that help communicate with your pain receptors. The appropriate amount of pressure on a trigger point can relieve chronic aches and pains. Using elastic Kinesio tape can be the ideal amount of pressure in the right place to relieve pain throughout the day.

Is It Only For Athletes?

Anyone can benefit from wearing athletic tape! If you've experienced an injury on the job or from going about your day, Kinesio tape is an excellent way to enhance your body's ability to heal while relieving pain—without medication. The key to effective use of Kinesio tape is the right placement and the appropriate amount of pressure. Leaving it too loose or pulling it too tight can reduce the effectiveness of your tape.

Get Help Applying Athletic Tape!

When applied properly, the athletic tape can last for several days of relief. Every injury requires customized placement for the best results. Charschan Chiropractic and Sports Injury Associates can apply Kinesio tape to maximize the benefits for you. Contact us today for an appointment!