How the Mediterranean Diet can improve your health.

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You have likely heard numerous times how the Mediteraneanian diet improves health. People who eat this way are often having longer lives, and fewer doctor visits, and truthfully, food is medicine. Exercise in these areas also comes with the lifestyle, so food is not the entire formula. Also, the culture of health, family, and work is also different and we should learn from them as well. The NY Times recently discussed the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.  Check this out below

The Mediterranean Diet Really Is That Good for You. Here’s Why.

It has become the bedrock of virtuous eating. Experts answer common questions about how it leads to better health. By Dani Blum Published Jan. 6, 2023 In the 1950s, researchers from across the globe embarked on a sweeping and ambitious study. For decades, they scrutinized the diets and lifestyles of thousands of middle-aged men living in the United States, Europe and Japan and then examined how those characteristics affected their risks of developing cardiovascular disease. The Seven Countries Study, as it later became known, famously found associations between saturated fats, cholesterol levels, and coronary heart disease. But the researchers also reported another notable result: Those who lived in and around the Mediterranean — in countries like Italy, Greece and Croatia — had lower rates of cardiovascular disease than participants who lived elsewhere. Their diets, rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, lean proteins and healthy fats, seemed to have a protective effect. Read more