How to avoid runners trots.

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You had breakfast and then go out for your run which is part of your training schedule.   A half-hour later you begin to feel crampy in the abdominal area and then experience this extreme urge to defecate. Experienced runners are familiar with the trots and when competing, some try to outrun it often with disastrous effects.  Others will slow down and try to walk it off or find a bathroom as soon as possible. Do you want to learn how to reduce your risk for the runner's trots?   Read the article below for some great info

What to Know About Runner's Trots—Including What to Do When They Hit

Because nothing ruins a good run like the frantic hunt for a restroom.

By Lauren Krouse August 30, 2021 If you're a runner, you've probably been there: You're enjoying your run, and just as you should be upping your intensity or hitting a new PR, your GI tract starts rumbling and contracting. If you don't hightail it to a restroom quickly, your bowels are going to start moving, too. Turns out, there's a name for this phenomenon: runner's trots. Runner's trots include a wide range of symptoms—nausea, cramping, gas, flatulence, "and ultimately, the urgent need to defecate," Rosario Ligresti, MD, chief and director of gastroenterology at the Pancreas Center at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, tells Health. Runner's trots are also known as runner's diarrhea, but the term encompasses any type of sudden mid-run bowel movement, notes Dr. Ligresti. Read more