How to recover from heavy holiday meals; some good advice for the holiday season.

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Holiday-Dinner The holidays are here, with the heavy meals including Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and finally New Year.   Most of us are concerned with the holiday pounds but what about how we feel after that meal, during that meal, and the day after? There are some things you can do to feel better during those heavy meals and how to help your body survive the food apocalypse. Check out these great tips

Recover from Thanksgiving Feasting in 3 easy steps

Posted on November 28, 2015 by Brad Hoppmann The anticipation before Thanksgiving dinner is almost unbearable, as the smells and sights of your favorite holiday foods tempt you like the devil himself. The feast is one of the best meals of the year if not the best. Many people wait all year to fill their bellies with American classics like turkey, stuffing, cranberries, potatoes, pie, and, for some, a glass or two of holiday cheer. But the day after this festive binge leaves your body devastated, your mind foggy, and your overall psyche lethargic. For some, these negative consequences of the Thanksgiving feast last for days or even weeks long after the leftovers are gone. This type of holiday binging unfortunately will become a habit for a lot of people over the next few months as festive treats are constantly at the ready in your refrigerator, in the break room or wherever else we find ourselves during the next few weeks. But you don"™t need to let the holidays ruin your health or your sense of well-being. Today, I want to show you in three easy steps how you can fully "recover" from this year's Thanksgiving feast, and all types of meals you may overindulge in over the coming months. read more