I’ll have butter with that please; why it’s now ok to enjoy saturated fats, healthier even.

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butterI'll have butter with that please; why it's now ok to enjoy saturated fats, healthier even. For many years, low fat this and that was the advice we got from diet guru's and even from the government.   The result was a rush of companies who had products that were full of sugar, which replaced the fats in our diets. The current research, according to the NY Times suggests that butter as well as other saturated fats are good for us, and should be part of a healthy diet.   The information we now have also suggests that reducing simple carbohydrates in our diets which are easily turned into sugar in the body is better for us.   Sugar, can contribute to inflammation which is linked to heart and other diseases such as diabetes and may be part of our obesity problem. Check out this article in the NY Times. Should We Be Scared of Butter? By JANE E. BRODY OCT. 31, 2016 Is butter, along with other sources of saturated fats, back on the table, as many have recently claimed? It is. Just not in the quantities the meat, dairy and fast-food industries might have you ingest. Unless you have a medical condition that dictates otherwise, there"™s no reason to cut anything "“ not butter, ice cream or Porterhouse steak "” completely from your diet as long as you mainly eat plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits and whole grains), lean animal protein and fish and don"™t go overboard on foods rich in saturated fats that can cause harm in excess. That"™s the conclusion of the best available evidence I"™ve reviewed for maximizing the health of body and brain and enjoying a long life. Read more