Immunity from covid variants, natural immunity to covid variants and future immunity according to the latest science.

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All animals have evolved over thousands of years to help them withstand their own environments.   Our immune systems are one of the results of this evolution. Once our body fights something off with the development of antibodies and other immunological elements, it will continue to fight it off and remember it for years to come. With covid19, those who had the virus developed natural immunity to it. While some of us may have had it more than once due to variants, the majority of us did not experience breakthrough infections. Vaccines came along quickly and although we were the trial, they reduced the risk of severe illness throughout the population, yet companies like Pfizer continued to trial more boosters using Israel as their staging ground.  While there was some risk for myocarditis with the vaccine, that risk was small and recently, new evidence suggested that the second shot should be given two months later instead of the current 3-4 week regimen currently in use with Pfizer and Moderna.   As I have often said, we are the trial. Throughout the pandemic, the news media and other sources have created narratives about antibodies and the longevity of vaccines, and natural immunity.  Those who voiced early on that immunity should last years were often silenced.  Current research is now suggesting they were right as was recently published in the NY times, as once the antibodies go away you will have long-term immunity to this.   Omicron saw to it that regardless of your actions, it was going to inoculate the public naturally anyway. This is bad news for investors of Moderna or Pfizer but great news for us. Check out the latest research regarding the virus in the NY times below

A flurry of new studies suggests that several parts of the immune system can mount a sustained, potent response to any coronavirus variant.

As people across the world grapple with the prospect of living with the coronavirus for the foreseeable future, one question looms large: How soon before they need yet another shot?

Not for many months, and perhaps not for years, according to a flurry of new studies.

Three doses of a Covid vaccine — or even just two — are enough to protect most people from serious illness and death for a long time, the studies suggest.

“We’re starting to see now diminishing returns on the number of additional doses,” said John Wherry, director of the Institute for immunology at the University of Pennsylvania. Although people over 65 or at high risk of illness may benefit from a fourth vaccine dose, it may be unnecessary for most people, he added.

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