Important information for families still running gasoline generators after Hurricane Sandy

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Important information for families still running generators after Hurricane Sandy Many of you who had an electric generator had some relief from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and now the noreaster heading our way promises to complicate some of our lives. All gas equipment requires periodic maintenance and portable generators are no exception. Most of these types of generators are designed to run for about 50 hours at a time and then require an oil change. For those of you who got your power back, you should consider changing the oil in the generator to be properly prepared for the next event, whenever it is. If you have not yet gotten your power back, and are still running your generator, chances are that you have been running for at least 50 hours by now, and with the cold weather upon us, you will likely increase the hours you run the machine again while you attempt to heat your house and use some of your electrical appliances. A patient told me that most portable electric generators require 30w non detergent oil. Changing the oil is not difficult but requires alittle dirty work. Your local auto supply store or lawn supply dealer should be able to help you with the oil which is two quarts and an oil drip pan which is inexpensive. Follow the instructions in your manual. Every engine has a drain that can be opened either by hand or with a pair of pliers. Tilt the machine toward the pan and allow it to drain. Close up the drain and then place a funnel in the oil receptacle and pour two quarts in. That's it, you are done. This will give you an additional 50 hours of run time. Hopefully, you will have your power back soon if you are still out but if not, you will be confident that your generator will not fail you and that the engine will last for years. Onre more thing... be sure to use premium fuel for the most reliable performance. This is true of all gas powered machinery such as snow blowers, pull behind blowers, back pack blowers and other gasoline run equipment. What do you think? As always, I value your opinion.